About LucasOnBusiness.com

My wife and I are continually building our business which we started in 2008 with one primary objective; to be able to travel.  Since 2009 we have traveled Europe, toured the US national parks and relocated to great locations in California as a result of this new found life style.  I do intend to continue to grow our business, that currently is small by many standards, however I have no intentions of sacrificing my the freedom of my lifestyle in the pursuit of financial riches.

Facts about our business

  • I receive 1-3 business related phone calls a month
  • I could work “4 hours a week” if I chose to and the business would ran without any notice of my absence
  • Our gross revenus were over $2,000,000  by our second year, while at the same time all business operations were outsourced

My core principles…

  • No amount of money is worth not getting to travel.
  • Most businesses can be fixed to allow for travel.  Its a process of outsourcing each part of the business and removing bottle necks in the daily operations.

I am available for hire on a limited basis.

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